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HKDSE - 100+ Most Important words for DSE English

Simply English - 100+ Most Important words in DSE English Graphic

Some students need a jumpstart in learning vocabulary. This list of words provided FREE is a great way to check your vocabulary proficiency in English. This list of words are duplicates found in the Paper 1 English DSE which means that they appeared in either the passages or question sheets between the years of 2012 – 2018.

If you have good proficiency, you should know more that 90% of these words. Anything below this percentage means you have to start working on your vocabulary before you take the exam. Hopefully, you’ve given yourself ample time.

In order to learn vocabulary effectively, please take a look at our guide on building your HKDSE vocabulary.

Download this list of words here: HKDSE – 100+ Most Important words for DSE English


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